Amendment II
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
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Private Gun Class Instruction Private instruction is available for beginner as well as advanced levels. Up
to four people can attend a private training session for the same price.
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About Guns of Honor™

Guns of Honor™ is a non-profit 501(c)3. We strive to provide financial and mental health assistance to those in our communities that have been wrongfully affected by GUN VIOLENCE. It is our goal and hope that by bridging the gap between responsible legal gun owners, and by educating our citizens on their individual rights under the Second Amendment then we can leave the politics behind and help one another the way our founding fathers and god intended. Through education, leadership, guidance, and helping those adversely affected we can build a nation that is truly for "All The People".


Guns of Honor is proud to offer several instructional courses for individuals of all skill levels. Click on the course name below for additional information, price, and schedule. Dates and times are subject to change.

  • Concealed Weapon Permit
  • NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • NRA Basic Rifle Course
  • NRA Shotgun Course
  • NRA Range Safety Officer Class
  • Self Defense

Gun Safety Rules

Whether you’re a parent in search of information about firearm safety in the home, a first-time gun owner, or an old pro looking to brush up on your firearm handling skills, the Guns of Honor is here to keep you and your family safe.

  1. ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction
  2. ALWAYS Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use
  3. ALWAYS Keep Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot
  4. NEVER Use Drugs Or Alcohol While Handling A Firearm
  5. ALWAYS Wear Eye And Ear Protection As Appropriate
  6. ALWAYS Know Your Target And What Is Beyond

There are a number of different Rules, Regulations and Laws Governing the safe use, handling and storage of firearms. These laws can vary by state. We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with laws pertaining to your state. The National Rifle Association (NRA) also offers classes and information online.

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